When will they be ready to go? We choose all of our dams and sires caref Add some dog toys and a blanket, and leave the door open.

schnauzer yorkie mix puppies for sale

October 9, at 4: We had a terrible time potty training him. The owner should keep an eye so that the pet gets the right amount of food. I have a 4 month old Skokie. She is such a great doggie! I will be doing the grooming at home now… anything for our new princess. My advice Delya get a gold fish if you desire to be a pet owner.

Snorkie puppies are crossbreeds - they have one Miniature Schnauzer The Yorkie was actually created to be a hardy rat-catching dog, small.

I am very interested in getting a male snorkie. November 28, at November 6, at 4: We have always had golden retrievers, so this is new to us. Our puppies are played with and socialized at an March 26, at Remember also the old saying, there are no bad breeds, just horrible owners!!

Preferred bottle water over tap,Small dogs tend to get blocked glands so if he starts scooting his butt on the floor the vet will need to express them. I adored ours, Absolutly. You also need to buy him bones. After my husband beat off the dog, we rushed her to emergency care. Wall-E has been hospitalized twice with pancreatitis.

schnauzer yorkie mix puppies for sale

Take your little one for many long walks. I just wanted to defend his breed because I cannot think of a better dog experience we could of had. He is the sweetest most gentle dog.

Your email address will not be published. August 12, at 4: Breeding quality doodles in our home that are well socialized and spoiled August 26, at July 9, at 9:

She did not make it. And always at the gopher who tries to eat my garden.

You are a horrible human being. August 18, at 5: September 4, at We are in California. I am looking to get a female in June. She did not make it.

Two female snorkie puppies for sale- Iowa - miniature schnauzer Yorkie Mix for sale - getastructuredsettlement.com

I get Yak Milk and Bully Sticks. Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The puppies in this litter are from AKC. We live in the Boston area. We walk the neighborhood and he wants to meet everyone. Encourage him to explore it by keeping his favorite toys and foods both outside and inside his crate.

schnauzer yorkie mix puppies for sale

Schnauzer Mix. Chester the Yorkie/Schnauzer Mix Pictures . Miniature Schnauzer Pictures ~ Miniature Schnauzer Puppies For Sale. Kassidy Griffith.

Which was a BIG mistake!! December 30, at 1: Just get the point move on and stay away from pets.

schnauzer yorkie mix puppies for sale

I highly recommend this breed to families, elder people, and single folks. He is adorable and very smart.

Snorkie Puppy Pictures. Snorkie Puppy. Snorkie Taecup. Snorkie Small; 5 – 12 inches With an agreeable, easy-to-train nature, these well-behaved dogs mix well with children and other pets, barking occasionally only during playing.

Dont give up, they tend to be stubborn and a lil sassy , you will get there,they like to eat twice a day about noon and five, divide the food up into two smaller meals,I would love to own another. January 15, at 6: I also have a Schnorkie. Encourage him to explore it by keeping his favorite toys and foods both outside and inside his crate. I have one who is 6 yrs old and he has been one of the best things that has happened in the life of my family.

Ivan Weaver's Schnauzer/Yorkie Mix Puppies

December 30, at 1: I found too much fat in her diet caused the bumps. Positive reinforcement is generally encouraged over harsh techniques, which backfire in many cases.

schnauzer yorkie mix puppies for sale

Premium brand dry kibble is best. Is it too late to try crate training? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You can also subscribe without commenting. I posted a year ago about my struggle with potty training. Close Report Abuse Form.


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