Clinics and trials held during the year. Please contact me directly to figure out why you are unable to access. Stock dog training the pup starts to sniff at something, or he wanders away a little, I will hide behind a tree and wait until he starts frantically looking for me.

stock dog training

The video shows how important these things are to a useful, working stockdog. Starting the Young Dog on Sheep and Cattle. In reply to Sherry Creech. Another thing that is commonly done is to take a young dog with you when you check cattle. From this video you will have a clearer understanding of both when your puppy is ready to start working and also some clear guidelines to help you start the puppy on the basics of being a good working partner. If your pup is at least Four months old, you could chain him somewhere away from the sight of stock. Keep walking a few steps and then have the pup sit.

Shane Harley has been using and training stockdogs for over 20 years. In our videos Shane will teach you how to train your puppy, help the intermediate dog.

You have to pull with your hand to keep slack out of the leash. Whether you want to show your dog or simply develop a better canine partner, these videos will help. Later, when it was bigger, and she was building a fence, the pup would not stop jumping up and biting the steel t-posts! Starting the Young Dog Lola 4. In our free introductory video you will meet Shane Harley and learn the importance of training your dog up to a higher level.

Caldwell, ID phone: Keeping the pups separate or at least in pairs helps prevent this situation. The length of time varies depending upon whether you are simply stock dog training a chore dog or whether you want a trial competition dog. A critical part of the Shane Harley method of stockdog training. Have stock dog training leash in your pocket, and a few treats.

stock dog training

Amarillo, TX phone: Some dogs will spill their water on purpose just to see the movement of the water flowing. We host clinics with truly expert trainers here on our farms. Quite frequently the dog will start to run a pattern in its pen.

They just want to attack the stock, not work it. Clay Center, NE phone: Stockdog training is rewarding but hard work and must be one of your top priorities.

Praise if the dog downs. You have decided you would like to have a stock dog puppy.

Starting "Get Out" drills with your stock dog

By being against a wall, the pup can only go in one direction. If you would like to be listed in this directory please look here.

They will still need to stay with their Mother, even though they are starting to eat. P, C, D breeds: We offer private herding lessons on the weekends.

stock dog training

Sherry is the breeder, trainer, and handler of two ASCA Supreme Champion stockdogs, meaning a dog which won the National Stockdog.

Even if you have a hard time getting the dog to sit, only command once. I had a pen made out of 4 x 4-inch stock panels. All clinics and lessons taylored to your indvidual needs. If you have to keep the pups in pairs, rotate who stock dog training together.

stock dog training

Only give it a tiny piece as a reward. These dogs can be creative.

You have decided you would like to have a stock dog puppy. .. I once had a sticky dog over for training that had been allowed to watch stock all the time.

It is important that you use a chain, not a rope. Now what do you do with your puppy? It is important to work with the pup, and insist he obey commands even when his mind is elsewhere. Take him for a short walk. Scottsville, Ky phone:

Training Border Collies (The Basics)

This creates as many bad habits as working stock through a fence does. Starting the Young Dog on Sheep and Cattle.

stock dog training


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