Post as a guest Name. Is there something to restrain him? I'm not sure there is an answer for this problem.

dog yelps when given insulin

My small dog also has diabetes and he does pretty well with them and I think we've had so much success because he now associates the shot with treats. There's so much hope for this situation, that even suggesting euthanasia this early is ridiculous to me. I've done the practicing on the orange bit, and I think I have it right, but oranges don't yelp when you mess up: See related question How important is the insulin injection spot on a dog? I used to visit a woman's house every other day to help her give her cat his injections I was a tech at her vet clinic.

Your question does a great job of addressing many key points about giving insulin to your dog. Nothing in the following answer is intended to.

With the other hand pet your pooch where you plan on giving the injection this will desensitize the area. In fact, she gets excited when we say 'let's go get your shot", and lets us know when it's time for her shot by dancing and crying if we're not watching the clock. I'm sure there are more extreme cases than OP's, of abused or extremely anxious dogs who will attack people ruthlessly if approached in the wrong way. Every thing you write here seems correct. Is there something else I can do to make sure I do this injection properly, or at least reassure myself that I'm not hurting my dog and that her insulin is going where it should?

But as with anything, this takes patience. Check out previous weekend discussions here. KutuluMike 1 3 You may or may not dog yelps when given insulin been taught to check for flash back, once the needle is inserted if you pull up on the plunger and blood enters the syringe you are in a blood vessel, this is called flash back.

dog yelps when given insulin

Any longer and you have to practice your technique on an orange. Ask your vet to go through it with you. After my dog is finished her meal, I pull her onto my lap and find a place where the skin is loose.

Users are more likely to accept criticism when it is delivered with understanding and compassion. I've conditioned her to actually love getting her shot because she gets treats or different food as a result of her holding still for a split second. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I give my dog her insulin shot twice a day and let me tell you that in the beginning it was very rough. I'm sure OP is doing everything wrong to further stress out their dog, and just needs some redirection and proper training.

He just thinks I'm petting him. My dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so I have been giving her twice-daily insulin injections for the past 10 days. Is there something to restrain him?

My dog hated it and would just stand completely still glaring at me after I put it on but I know it works for a lot of dogs. My guess is that is not your technique, but that you are transmitting your anxiety to your pet. KutuluMike 1 3

Even if the dog never learns to accept getting insulin, then OP just needs to get better at hiding it and doing it really quickly with one hand so the dog doesn't even know what hit it. The reason you are lifting the skin is to create a space between the hide and the muscle, in your mind target the end of the needle entering the space. Good Luck to you anyway, we all need a lot of that! For best results, include clear photos of the dog standing from the front and from the side.

Goncalo Peres 1 1 4. Want to add to the discussion?

dog yelps when given insulin

It seemed like giving Sunny an insulin shot was natural for her and we (my I do not do that anymore and on the days she yelps or flinches or.

More than once I've ended up with bent syringes and insulin on her fur because of it. I really really believe that it's cruel and unusual to euthanize just because the owner hasn't trained their dog dog yelps when given insulin enough to relax during uncomfortable medical procedures. Before work I wake up at 6 am just to feed him, so if I'm lucky he'll eat and I can try to give him his shot at 7: Thanks for pointing this out, I forgot about that dog yelps when given insulin. I recently discovered that if I feed him and then take him on a walk with the texas heeler dog hidden in my pocket, I can give it to him while he is distracted with our walk, going to the bathroom or whatever else and give it to him quickly without him even realising it.

dog yelps when given insulin

Be alert for bruising, If you can see a bruise under the fur don't use that area until the bruise has healed. Call your vet and ask if they have any techs looking for some extra cash. Any rescue organization would allow a dog like that to be adopted anyway.

If your pet has diabetes, your veterinarian may have prescribed insulin for her. Some pet owners balk at the idea of giving their pet a regular injection, but the.

With people they will often plunge the needle straight in to the skin in an area that has fat underneath, so the insulin is delivered in the fat between the skin and the muscle. Same thing in the evening. I was merely putting it on the table. Any longer and you have to practice your technique on an orange. I completely understand when some dogs have to be put down for extreme behavioral issues. KutuluMike 1 3 I had to sit there and handle his paws for weeks before he became unconditionally comfortable with me holding his paws.

Unlike cats, their diabetes can't be kept in check with diet alone, and there may be a point where the stress of injecting insulin becomes too much for you, as well as your dog. Rub and pinch him as you would before you would give him the injection a lot - this way its just a type of touch he is used to.

dog yelps when given insulin


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